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Month July 2016

New Matrix Build and Testing

Watch the video here Here we will discuss our rebuilt 22 X 46 Pixel Horizontal Matrix Display. The materials needed for the project are as follows: 4′ X 8′ Matrix net 22 strings of RGB Nodes AlphaPix 16 channel controller… Continue Reading →

Leaping Arches Build and Testing

          Here I will discuss how we build our Arches (AKA Leaping Arches)           The materials needed are as follows: Thin wall 1/2″ PVC pipe – 8′ 3″ in length 2 Pipe… Continue Reading →

Testing the Window Frame Lighting

In a previous post, we demonstrated how to build and mount the RGB window frame, now we are going to show how to test the setup using an AlphaPix 4 controller The items used are as follows: 5′ – 3 conductor… Continue Reading →

How to build the RGB Window Frames

View the Video here     Today we are going to explore how we are outlining our windows with color-changing RGB lights for the season.           The materials you will need: – Hangers (4) (from HolidayCoro)… Continue Reading →

Matrix Rebuild is Complete

The Matrix rebuild is complete.  Here are a couple of pics from the build. Here is a view of the backside of the matrix. We used RGB string with 3″ between the bulbs and the matrix material has holes every… Continue Reading →

Matrix Rebuild Plan

We are rebuilding the Matrix frame.  The previous frame was made from 1 X 2 wood and was not going to be strong enough.  The new frame is made from 2 X 4 treated lumber and the control modules will… Continue Reading →

AlphaPix setup for Matrix Video 2

This is video two of two in a series on how I configured the Alphapix controller to work with my Horizontal Matrix. AlphaPix Video 2

AlphaPix setup for Matrix Video 1

This is video one of two in a series on how I configured the Alphapix controller to work with my Horizontal Matrix. AlphaPix Video 1

First look at the AlphaPix Controller

I have now begun working with the Alphapix controller and it is way easier than I thought it would be.  I have decided to work on leaping arches first using thin wall PVC and the LED strip lighting that I… Continue Reading →

First Thoughts

I just ordered the Alphapix Smart controller with 4 E1.31 outputs and 4 bullet strands of 12v 2811 50 Node Strings with 3″ spacing. I will use this controller for outlining the house but wanted to get some bullet strings… Continue Reading →

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