Christmas to Lights and Music

Month September 2016

LOR Controller Timing Issues – Fixed

This is a follow up to the post about the timing issues.  We received the E1.31 bridge, I made the DMX to LOR crossover cable and we put it all in place. I used the network line that originally ran through… Continue Reading →

Tangle Free Extension Cords

While I was talking with a friend of mine – Jeremy Fisher, owner of (a site you really should visit), we discussed storage of extension cords.  I had been taught year ago by a friend, Bob Wilson, a process… Continue Reading →

LOR Controller Timing Issue

A new opportunity for improvement presented itself once we got the working mini display setup in the back yard. We decided to set this display up to give us a small visual component that we can use during the programming… Continue Reading →

Problem Post: AlphaPix 4 and Leaping Arches

Well I have encountered my first major problem.  The last time I tested, the arches were operating normally.  I decided to hook them up, outside in the back yard along with a few of the other display elements so that… Continue Reading →

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