I just ordered the Alphapix Smart controller with 4 E1.31 outputs and 4 bullet strands of 12v 2811 50 Node Strings with 3″ spacing.

I will use this controller for outlining the house but wanted to get some bullet strings to start learning about controlling the lights via the Light O Rama software.  I had already upgraded to the advanced version of 4.2.12 and had been experimenting with easy pix controller.  I have been getting weird results as I try to output RGB sequences.  For example, when I output Blue, I get Red.  I have been working with the support team at Holiday Coro, but have not resolved the issue yet.  Let me just say that the support from Holidaycoro.com is fantastic.

I went ahead and spent a few more dollars when I ordered the Alphapix controller and got the complete care package.  I am betting things will work great, straight out of the box, but just in case my skill set is not up to the challenge, I have the full backing and support of the Holiday Coro team so I know this years display will be stupendous.

See my links page if you wish to visit the Holiday Coro site.