In this post, I will describe how we connected our LOR 16 channel controller to one of our AlphaPix 4 controllers.

We will use the RS 485 jack on the AlphaPix controller to hook to the LOR controller.

You will need a Ethernet cable.  Cut off the plug from one end of the cable.

Strip the outer covering back for about 2 inches.

Using a continuity tester, locate the wires for pins 4 and 5.  Cut the other 6 wires off so that all you have left are the two wires that go to pins 4 and 5.  The end with the plug will connect to the LOR controller.

Now you hook pin 4 to the RS 485 output terminal on the AlphaPix controller.

Hook pin 4 to the DMX + lead and pin 5 to the DMX – lead.

You do not have to hook anything to the ground lead.

Complete the programming and you are ready to go.